Leap Out of Your Comfort Zone


Sure, comfort is nice but as my grandmother used to say: “Too much of a good thing is never a good thing”. In the case of living too much in your comfort zone, this adage is certainly true.

The result of staying in your comfort zone will be a drab and boring existence that holds you back from experiencing the joy, spontaneity and possibilities that a life lived outside of your comfort zone can offer.

Have you gotten too comfortable with your daily life? Maybe you notice time going by too fast or too slow? Do your days seem to bleed together? Or maybe your routines have become so, well, routine that you feel like you’re just going through the motions every day?

Are you having trouble sleeping- either sleeping too much or not enough? Do you feel like life is passing you by or just feel bored and uninspired? If you answered “YES” to any of these questions, you may be firmly entrenched in your own comfort zone.

So, how did you get there?

Building firm walls inside your comfort zone takes time and effort. Or, more to the point, a lack of effort and a LOT of fear. Slowly, over time, you have blocked yourself from various experiences due to a fear that is tied to a past experience.

Fear of rejection – fear of change or something new– fear of disappointment – fear of failure – fear of success – fear of meeting new people – fear of having to learn or do something new. A FEAR of discomfort.

At the root of all of these fears is the Mac Daddy of fear. The fear of the unknown. A fear of what stepping out of your comfort zone, and into something that you haven’t established a relationship with, will feel like and if it will work out for you… or not.

What if I told you that the key to living the life you truly desire is as simple as kicking that one fear- the fear of the unknown – to the curb?

Would you be willing to do it?

Think about that for a moment… What if you were absolutely certain that everything you try or do will work out for the best. What would stop you from stepping outside of your comfort zone if you knew that for certain? Not much, right? You’d dive headfirst into life with bells on and a cocky smile.

Ok- here’s the skinny on how to achieve fearless nirvana….

At the very core of your being, know, believe and accept this one simple thought:

You are a spiritual being placed on this Earth to learn from your experiences, your successes AND your mistakes. Everything you do has a purpose and adds value and wisdom to your soul experience. Whether you fail or succeed makes no difference. There is no pass or fail. Those who come into your life, are meant to either teach you or learn from you. Each and every relationship and experience helps you grow and understand yourself on a much deeper level. The more you allow yourself to step out of your comfort zone, the wiser and more evolved your soul becomes.

Once you learn to look at your life through that lens of thought, you will never grow bored or uninspired. Life will open up with infinite possibilities and the chains of limitation that you place on yourself will be broken.

Put it into practice by stretching outside of your comfort zone every day. Start small if you need to. Drive home by a different route. Shop at a different store. Change your routine in some way. Sign up for a class.

The important thing is to stretch yourself. Try something new and take a risk (even a small one) each day. If you are successful, that’s a wonderful thing! If you’re not successful, that’s a wonderful thing too! You will learn how to handle failure and that is a big step in defeating fear and gaining inner strength.

Life is meant to be lived! You can do it! Get out there and suck every drop of juice out of yours!

Lisa Arbuckle CCHt., RMT



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