Anxiety & Depression
Depression and anxiety are at epidemic proportions in this country. Many people have been misdiagnosed while others are being incorrectly or overly medicated.
The truth is, medication is only needed for a very small percent of the population. The real issues are centered in your subconscious programs that run every day, in the background of your mind.

This MBA program is designed to help you make the internal programming changes desired to eliminate depression and anxiety. Permanently.

In this program, you will learn to:

• View yourself and the world through new lenses
• Release your old emotional baggage
• Form healthy new subconscious patterns
• Take control of your anxiety response
• Build stronger, healthier relationships

Specific and targeted hypnotherapy and awareness sessions are designed to free your subconscious mind of the negative programming that keeps you trapped in the oppressive feelings of depression and anxiety. Online coaching and the support forum offer additional support during and after your journey.


This program has a limited number of spaces available!

The next launch date with openings is: January 11th, 2016