This program is wonderful for anyone who wants to feel empowered!
From the time we are born, our subconscious programs are under construction. Those programs decide who we believe we are, as an individual, and how we think the world sees us.
Every experience we have contributes to both of these programs, strengthening and reinforcing or tearing down them down. The result can be positive or it can be devastatingly negative.

If negative, it can affect every aspect of your life in a way that keeps you small. They can prevent you from being the person you want to be and living the life you want and deserve. This creates a life half-lived and full of regret.

That negative programming can be changed! This program helps you find the glitch and fix it!

Specific and targeted hypnotherapy and awareness coaching sessions are designed to help you reprogram your subconscious for confidence and success.


In this program you will learn to:

• Significantly boost your confidence
• Uncover your own inner charisma
• Inspire yourself and others
• Tame the self-doubt dragon
• Live joyously!

This program is offered ONCE per year and fills very quickly!

The next launch date with openings is: March 7th, 2016