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Are you Suffering With These Weight Issues?

  • yesYou don't want to go to parties or out with friends because you don't want to be the heaviest person there.
  • yesYour clothes don't fit and ones that do look more like small tents than clothing.
  • yesYou feel tired most of the time and napping seems like the only hobby you have the energy to take up.
  • yesWhen your friends are asked to describe you in one word, "Frumpy" is the word they use most.
    Your sex drive seems permanently stuck in park.
  • yesThe last time you felt "Sexy", you had 80's hair and a crush on Billy Idol


I’m joking a bit with these, but there is also a lot of truth in each of these examples. I know that’s the way I felt when I became overweight.


Let’s face it, being overweight is HARD and society is making it harder every day.
You now have to pay for an extra seat on a plane if you can’t fit into the seat and seatbelt. Clothing stores are charging premium prices for Plus Size clothing.
You go to the doctor and hear that your health is deteriorating. Words like: “diabetes”, “heart attack” and “stroke” are predicted in your future.

The prescription, they say, is to lose weight and exercise but the doctor doesn’t have any good advice for doing that- or worse, they give you the standard “calories in, calories out” lecture and a handful of pills to take.


And then there’s the judgement you see in the faces of people you pass on the street…

People who are overweight are frequently judged by others as being lazy and unintelligent overeaters. Too often, people who are obese are treated as if they have a communicable disease.
How many times have you been out in public and observed someone else noticing your weight or size?
Even friends and family can’t seem to refrain from commenting on it. It can be very lonely and it eats away at your self-esteem, bit by bit.


Goddess1Are You Ready For Real Change?

  • yesAre you tired of looking in the mirror every day and seeing a tired, frumpy, discouraged person looking back at you?
  • yesDo you wonder where the “real” you has gone & daydream about being her again?
  • yesAre you ready to make changes that truly matter and will stay with you, permanently?
  • yesDo you just want your “sexy” back!?

If you answered “YES!” to any of these questions, you will LOVE what I’m about to share with you.
Losing weight and getting the real YOU back- has never been easier!

Become the lean, confident, inspired Goddess you’re meant to be with the MBA Weight Release Program.

13WMArmsHips2MBA Weight Release isn’t about counting calories or cutting carbs.
It’s about changing your SUBCONSCIOUS RELATIONSHIP with food and fat.

The MBA Program is an advanced hypnotherapy and self-awareness program designed to pinpoint and remove the internal programming that created your weight issues.

I’m talking about real and lasting weight loss. I’m talking about achieving your goal weight. Getting your body AND your mind into a healthy state.

Allowing you to participate in life again…and truly enjoy it.
To love the way you look on the outside and how you feel on the inside.
It’s time that you experienced a weight loss program that changes more than just your pant size.



MBA Weight Release combines:

  • * Highly effective, scientifically-proven clinical hypnotherapy
  • * Powerful awareness coaching
  • * Nutritional support

MBA Weight Release has been specifically designed to fit the unique needs of each individual.
This creates a full mind, body transformation that is the envy of the weight loss industry.


Now that you know that awareness coaching and hypnotherapy can truly help change your life...

Imagine being able to experience these benefits on your own schedule, in the comfort of your own home and easily within your budget.
No matter what your schedule may be, the downloadable content makes it easy for you to fit this program into your life.
Simply log on to the members-only area and download content right to your computer or device.

Push “play” and complete your session around your own schedule!
It couldn’t be easier!


Here’s What You’ll Get With The MBA Weight Release Program


10 Weeks of Discovery and Transformation!

Each week we will focus on an area of your subconscious that may be holding you back from achieving your health and weight goals.

Awareness coaching sessions will help you pinpoint the root of the problem. Clinical hypnotherapy sessions will help you release or re-program it and there will be plenty of tips, tools, discussion and bonus materials to supercharge your progress!

Weight loss has never felt this good or worked this fast!

This program helped me find my true self. Once I found her, I never wanted to go back to the old way I lived my life. This is more than just losing weight. What I learned and the way my body and my life have changed has been the greatest gift I’ve ever been given. Thank you for giving me my life back!
Mary M.


MBA Weight Release Is Easy and Costs LESS Than Your Grocery Bill!


By now, you’re realizing how unique and effective this program is.
It’s worth its weight in gold! But that doesn’t mean it has to be priced like gold.
If you were to complete this program in person at the MBA Clinic office, you’d invest over $3,800 (And you wouldn’t get all the freebies!)
When you enroll today, the MBA Weight Release Program isn’t going to be the $3,800 it would cost in the office.  It won’t even cost you half that… or even 25% of that...

Enroll in the MBA Weight Release Program today for just $369

I know! Great price, right!?

After all, think of the amount of money you spend to keep the weight ON!


  • yesDiet Books, Videos and Memberships
  • yesWeight Loss Pills and Gimmicks
  • yesHigher Grocery Bills
  • yesPre-Packaged Foods
  • yesDoctor Bills and Medications
  • yesPlus Size Clothing
  • yesExercise Equipment

It couldn’t be easier! Go ahead! Do something wonderful for yourself!

Clear your mind of the mental and emotional garbage holding you back from your health and weight goals.
Reshape your body to match your new, sexier way of thinking.
Do yourself a life-changing favor and click the button below to order the MBA Weight Release Program today.




This program fills very quickly and
enrollment is limited!

Don’t get turned away!

Claim Your Spot Today!


You may have tried other weight loss products before, only to be let down over and over, so you may be worried about getting burned again…It’s completely understandable!

So, to put your mind at ease, I’d like to offer you a 100% Risk-Free Guarantee:


               No hassles, no runaround. MBA Weight Release is 100% Risk-Free.

14WMWall25 Reasons the MBA Weight Release Program Is Different from other programs:

  • yesA unique combination of awareness-coaching, targeted hypnotherapy and a healthy diet program. No other product on the market can offer a more effective and more complete program for healthy weight loss.
  • yesBonus materials that truly are a bonus. The downloadable bonus sessions and MBA Diet program are valuable additions to the program and to your success.
  • yesFlexibility. This online program is an incredibly flexible vehicle for change. On demand and at your fingertips 24/7.
  • yesAffordability. A real, effective, permanent solution that anyone can afford.
  • yesAccess to a vibrant community of MBA Weight Release participants. Get support, share your story, ask questions and have access to valuable and useful information in a private group setting.

MBA Weight Release is one of the smartest health and wellness decisions you will ever make!10WMHeartHands

With just ONE purchase at $369 you can successfully change your life and reshape your body…for good.

Within one month, MBA Weight Release can pay for itself in grocery savings alone!

Within one week, you will begin to feel better than you have in a very, very long time.

A Note From the MBA Program creator and Program Participants...


This program is truly divine! The peace I feel on the inside is so wonderful. The weight loss is great but the journey of getting to know myself has been absolutely priceless. I’d pay 10 times the price of this program for what I’ve gained. Jennifer G.
I've done all kinds of work on me in the past, physiologist sessions, energy work, diets, pills, meditation, etc. but none of it ever really worked. Feeling very suffocated and scared to death that there was no way to fix these issues, a prayer was answered and a way was shown! I cannot begin to describe how much garbage I’ve let go of and how much I’ve changed. I’ve become the real me and I’ve allowed that light to fill up my life! The work Lisa has helped me with and her energy is what I have needed my whole life! This is permanent, this is love, this is real, this is my life! And I love, love, love every day of it! Alyssa F.
Once I released all the negative roots in my mind, I became a better person. I didn’t go around acting like the victim all the time. I was able to begin steering my life instead of letting it steer me. My confidence has gone up A LOT and my weight has gone down A LOT. I’m really happy with the results. Carly Z.
What an amazing program! What an amazing journey! I loved every minute of it and learned so much! I will use these tools for the rest of my life. Can’t wait for the next program. Sign me up!! Elizabeth P.
I LOVE this program!! Thank you Lisa, for creating such a wonderful product and experience. It made a HUGE difference in my life and I know it will help so many others. I feel blessed to know you and to have worked with you. Connie B.
My marriage was on the rocks, I had no connection with my kids and my career was taking me nowhere. On top of that, I had gained almost 50 lbs. in two years. When I started the program I was skeptical but by the end of it, I felt like a new man! Everything in my life improved! Losing the 50 pounds was just a bonus. Jeff M.
I can’t believe how much negative emotional crap I carried around for so long. What a waste! MBA helped me unload all of that and be the person I always knew I was. I will be forever grateful. Thank you! Tracy T.
I love my new body but now I’m just as beautiful on the inside! Thank you! Thank you! Jamie D.
I was so stressed out and eating everything, all the time. I had gained so much weight, I was barely recognizable. Within a few days of starting the program, I began losing weight and I hadn’t even started the diet yet! It’s true what Lisa says, the garbage in our minds weighs more than the weight on our hips. I lost nearly 80 pounds and 30 pounds of it was emotional crap that came off before I changed anything in my diet. I love this program and I’ve recommended it to nearly everyone I know! Janet K.
Hypnotherapy and Awareness Coaching are the magic bullets of change! I feel so much lighter and more alive! Lisa rocks! MBA rocks! Jack G.
This program helped me find my true self. Once I found her, I never wanted to go back to the old way I lived my life. This is more than just losing weight. What I learned and the way my body and my life have changed has been the greatest gift I’ve ever been given. Thank you for giving me my life back! Mary M.
Not only did I lose all of the weight I set out to lose, I’ve kept it off for 2 years without even trying. This was a lifestyle change that was so easy to make. I felt kind of stupid for wasting so much time before finding this program. No more wasting time. Now, instead of biting into doughnuts, I’m taking a bite out of my life! Kevin D.

Changing Your Weight Doesn’t Have To Be Frustrating and Painful

FatSkinnyYou don’t have to settle for being overweight and feeling unhealthy.
You can get your energy, your health, your wardrobe, your self-esteem and your sexy BACK!
Don’t wait. Don’t suffer any longer in a life that doesn’t “fit” the REAL YOU.

Enroll Today and get your groove back!


This program is only offered 2X per year and enrollment is limited to 125 participants.

The MBA Weight Release program often sells out within the first 2 weeks of open enrollment.

Enroll today to avoid being turned away!

P.P.S. You are going to love this journey and I can’t wait to meet you personally inside the program!

Yay, YOU!! You’re on your way!