The Mind, Body Awareness Solution For Weight Management and Healthy Living!

WOmanAppleCongratulations on choosing a natural, healthy, scientific approach to release your excess weight and keep it off!

The Mind, Body Awareness Diet (MBA Diet) is not another “fad diet” or temporary weight loss plan. The MBA Diet is a lifestyle change that is easy to implement and will reshape your entire body from the inside-out, without leaving you hungry or feeling deprived.

This is a new way of eating healthy, eating what you like and eating to BURN fat instead of storing it.

For the person who is truly ready to meet their weight and health goals, this program is an absolute must-have!!



This program gives you the road map to achieve all of this but it also gives you something more…KNOWLEDGE.
You will learn (in simple terms) how your body processes certain types of food. Then, you'll learn to manipulate those processes to burn more fat. The good news!? You can do all of that and still eat normal foods- even carbs!


This program takes you through 4 Levels of Weight Reduction:

  1. Level 1: Fat Purge  (Day 1-4)   This level kickstarts your weight loss in a big way. Food is limited but the results are amazing!
  2. Level 2: Sugar Purge (Day 5-25) This level will break sugar addictions and begin a slow detox of your body that forces it to use the sugars stored in your fat for additional fuel.
  3. Level 3: Reduction Level (Day 26 to Goal Weight) This level creates an opportunity for steady weight loss and muscle building. Carbs are OK at this level!
  4. Level 4: Maintenance Level (60 days) This level is you, without training wheels. You will be able to take what you've learned and apply it on a daily basis in your normal routines...with a little bit of helpful advice.

GroceriesWOmanThe BONUS- as if all this wasn’t enough- is that you will look, feel and be healthier on the INSIDE as well!

"In 7 months, I've lost 67 pounds! I look great and I FEEL great on the inside. This has been a lifestyle change for me that I LOVE and I know I'll keep it this way for the rest of my life."


"I can do this! I can really do it! I'm in jeans I haven't worn in 15 years and I haven't gained any of it back in 8 months!"


"This program took the weight off my hips and the worry and frustration off my mind!"

If you are in the MBA Weight Release program, the MBA Diet is an option for the nutrition portion of the program. You will have access to the MBA Diet Book and 3 Bonus Materials in the Member area.

The MBA Diet and MBA Weight Release program will have you looking and feeling like a new person...FAST!




What are you waiting for!?


Get your “sexy” back and take a bite out of LIFE again!


We’ve made it easy AND affordable… the rest is up to you.


Enroll in the MBA Weight Release Program to Get Started with the MBA Diet TODAY!